Intellectual property strategy

Optimize your intellectual property strategy by using a combination of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.   In theory, the different categories of IP (utility patents, provisional patents, design patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets) are distinct. However, in practice, these … Read more

Patent & trademark annuity fees

patent and trademark annuity fees

It is easy to lose patents and trademarks by forgetting to pay their annuity (maintenance) fees. Set up your automatic reminder systems today. You have just received your US utility patent or trademark, congratulations!  But remember that unless you pay … Read more

Non-disclosure agreements (NDA)


Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) can help preserve business trade secrets and other confidential information, but don’t expect your attorney to sign one. Businesses often use non-disclosure agreements with their contractors, employees, product evaluators, and site visitors, as well as with other … Read more

Patent appeal process and procedures

The patent appeal process allows an applicant to bypass an examiner and request that the Patent Trials and Appeal Board (PTAB) independently review their patent application. In nearly all patent applications, applicants and examiners eventually end up agreeing. Most of … Read more

Medical procedure patents

35 USC 287(C) medical procedure patents

Under Federal law 35 USC 287(C), US physicians and other medical practitioners have limited immunity to certain types of medical procedure patents. US patent law allows patents for inventive methods (such as procedures). The rules also enable devices (such as … Read more