Payment for legal services


After fees have been determined, electronic payments for various patent and IP services may be submitted through either LawPay or PayPal. Attorney rules are a bit tricky, so please contact me before making a payment.

LawPay can be used for both attorney fee and USPTO fee payments. It acts like a standard credit-card/echeck payment page. It accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, as well as electronic checks. Enter in your name, address, email and phone. If you want a USPTO patent fee to be paid for you, separate this USPTO patent fee from the other attorney fees, and submit the USPTO patent fee, by itself, through the LawPay USPTO account link below.

The PayPal system is for attorney fee payments. It works like a standard online shopping cart. Enter in the amount you wish to purchase in units of $1.00. The system will also ask you for your address for “shipping and handling”, but there is no actual shipping fee. You can make payment either using your PayPal account, or by giving your credit card to PayPal and by following their instructions on the checkout page. To use a credit card, please select the “check out” box on the shopping cart page.

  • LawPay
Make payments for USPTO fees through this USPTO account link.
Make attorney fee payments through this standard account link.
  • Paypal

Payment units of $1.00

Please contact us if you want to make a payment using other methods. See the FAQ for more questions about rates.