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Need help with intellectual property (IP)? I am an experienced patent attorney, registered with the California Bar association and the US patent and trademark office. I am also a Ph.D. with a strong technical background. I have an extensive track record of obtaining intellectual property (such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights) for inventors and startups.

My office is in the San Francisco Bay area of Northern California (in Silicon Valley, between San Jose and San Francisco, but I can work with you online from any location. I am especially good at technically complex inventions; however, I handle a lot of simpler devices as well.

Patents, trademarks, copyrights, and more

Building a strong patent, trademark, and copyright portfolio
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Looking for good quality work at fair prices? To get a strong patent, you need to start with a well-written patent application. I can provide you with a high quality patent application that includes carefully reasoned descriptions, claims, and drawings. This considers your technology, business interests, and competitive situation, as well as your overall IP strategy and budget.

I give similar consideration to your trademarks and other types of intellectual property as well.

More about my patent attorney law practice

In addition to patents, trademarks, and copyrights, I also do other types of intellectual property related legal work. My other IP work, for example, includes patent search, infringement/non-infringement opinion letters, and licensing contracts.

My law practice can work with you across the US and internationally. A more extensive list of my legal services includes:

  • Copyrights (US, Intl.)
  • Freedom of action searches
  • Infringement searches
  • IP Contracts & Licensing
  • IP Strategy
  • Litigation support
  • Patent applications (US, PCT)
  • Patent prosecution (US, Intl.)
  • IP and patent opinions
  • Startup consulting
  • Trademarks (US, Intl.)
  • Trade Secrets

International IP services: Startups often start locally, sometimes with just one person, and then grow in size and expand internationally. This is possible because patent law and Intellectual property law are recognized federally and internationally. So I can stay with you as you grow globally.

As a result, I have a lot of international IP law experience. My US Intellectual property filings are useful for obtaining foreign intellectual property rights. I am familiar with the various international treaties (Patent Cooperation Treaty for patents, Madrid Protocol for trademarks, Berne Convention for copyrights). So I can take your US filed patents, trademarks, and copyrights, and extend them worldwide. I can also take foreign IP into the US.

Some of my Silicon Valley and International clients

My clients include inventors and startup companies around the world. I have worked with some of these companies from the initial “gleam in the inventor’s eye” stage to commercial success.

Some of my clients and the patents that I have helped them obtain are listed below. The links to their websites are on the left, and the links to some of my corresponding patents are on the right.

Patent attorney Gainspeed logo

Cable: (Gainspeed is now part of Nokia) broadband devicesbroadband methods

patent attorney Headwind Group logo

Design: fluid enclosures, terrariums

Electric Imp logo
Insight EDA logo
Micro lambda wireless logo

Electronics: IoTIC chip design, RF instruments

Cloud Dx logo
Synergy Medical Global Design Solutions
Smart screens

Medical: diagnostics, devices, drug screening

Quest to Excel, Q2E
GotFlowers logo

Software: project management, e-commerce, operations analysis

Securifi logo
Cohere Technologies Logo

Wireless: WiFi routers, 6G+

Have questions about Intellectual Property?

First time doing this? I can guide you. Initial discussions are free of charge. You can also check out my blog and list of FAQs.