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invention Need help with intellectual property? I am a Silicon Valley patent attorney (patent lawyer) with a strong technical background (PhD, JD), and a good history of obtaining intellectual property for inventors and startups (see About, Services, Fields, and Examples).

I am a California attorney (California Bar Association) and a US patent attorney (US Patent and Trademark Office). My law office is in Northern California (near San Jose) in the Silicon Valley part of the San Francisco Bay Area.


Patents, trademarks, copyrights, and more

Building a strong patent, trademark, and copyright portfolio

San Jose Looking for good quality work at fair prices? To get a good patent, you need to start with a well-written patent application. This requires carefully reasoned patent descriptions, claims, and drawings. It also requires a well-thought-out strategy that takes your technology, business interests, budget, and competitive situation into account.

Similar considerations are important for trademarks and other types of intellectual property as well.

In addition to patents, trademarks, and copyrights, I also do other types of intellectual property related legal work, including patent search, infringement/non-infringement opinion letters, and licensing contracts.


Have questions about Intellectual Property?

invention Frequently Asked Questions: First time doing this? Check out the blog, which in addition to having a lot of FAQ, also discusses some useful areas of IP strategy and tactics. This includes further discussion of how the utility patent, provisional patent, design patent, and international patent process works. I also discuss due diligence, international trademarks, copyrights, open-source software, trade secrets, and other areas of intellectual property.

Feel free to call or write if you have further questions. Initial discussions are free of charge.


Stephen Zweig, Patent Attorney, PatentAssociate.com
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