My background and intellectual property (IP law) experience

Helping startups get the intellectual property (IP) they need to grow
Stephen Zweig, Patent Attorney

I am a patent attorney (IP attorney) practicing various types of IP law. I have handled over 270+ issued patents and many trademarks. My formal training includes an undergraduate degree in Physics and Biology from UCSB, and a UCSD Ph.D. My JD is from Taft Law School. You can look me up here: California Bar AssociationUS Patent and Trademark Office, and the Legal Information Institute. See also reviews.

Extensive personal experience with R&D, software, and design: I know what it is like being an inventor and doing a startup because I have personally done this myself. For example, I have over 20 patents of my own and have founded startups that attracted VC funding. I have also managed scientists and engineers from the fields of software, electronics, mechanical engineering, biophysics, and operations.

  • Founder/CEO/CTO of a VC-backed medical electronics startup (now part of Acon)
  • Director R&D, Johnson & Johnson (LifeScan)
  • Creation and management of various corporate patent portfolios
  • Freedom of action analysis
  • Infringement analysis
  • Collaboration with large and small law firms

So, I have a broad legal/technical/business perspective that can add value to your work.

In addition to US patent law, I also do international patent and trademark law This is because I work with independent inventors, startup corporations, established corporations, and research institutes around the world. I am located in Los Gatos, California, north of San Jose. This is in the Silicon Valley part of the San Francisco Bay Area (not far from Apple in Cupertino). 

Some of my favorite technical areas include:

As an IP attorney, I familiar with most areas of IP law. I can help you get IP in almost any subject. I have much experience with software, hardware, signal processing, wireless technology, medical device, diagnostics, and biotech patents.

Intellectual property, IP
Medical devices and diagnostics

As a former startup founder/CTO turned patent attorney, I understand software, electronics, signal processing, design, user interfaces, and biotech. I have done many such patents for my clients.

Intellectual property, IP
Software, electronics, processors, sensors, signal processing

Modern devices rely upon electronic sensors, and analyze their data using processors and various signal processing algorithms. I have also helped my clients get many patents here.  

Wireless networks, cable networks, computer vision, IoT

My office is in the bay area (Silicon Valley). This is home to many wireless, networking, internet of things (IoT), and software startups (databases, computer vision). I understand this technology and have also helped my clients get many patents in these areas as well.

Software smartphones mobile apps
Mobile device peripherals, mobile apps, user interface devices

Smartphones and other handheld mobile devices are often used as components of other inventions. I have also obtained a number of patents for my clients on new peripherals, apps, and user interfaces.

miscellaneous patents
Other types of utility patents and design patents

I have also successfully obtained patents for my clients in many other fields as well. These include robotics, various mechanical devices, dental devices, and nutraceuticals. Some of my patents on simpler inventions include guitar jack tighteners, motorcycle stands, and pillow-blanket combinations, as well as design patents for bottles, mugs, and the like. Check my list of patents for further examples and discussion.