Patent examples and trademark examples

Some examples of my patent work are shown below. My trademark examples are at the bottom.

Although pending US patent applications are often confidential (usually for the first 18 months after filing, and sometimes even longer), once the patent application is issued, it is now available to the public. After this publication date, the first page of the patent application often lists the patent attorneys (or law firms) that handled that patent.

You can get a good idea of any patent attorney’s experience and productivity by looking at their list of issued patents. Although I can’t discuss pending patent applications, you can see some of my issued US patents below. This list can give you a good idea of my experience and areas of focus. I have worked in many areas, including software, electronics, medical, and biotech, doing everything from advanced wireless communications, complex hospital systems and medical devices, to pillows and flowerpots!

Examples of issued US patents

In the list below, you can see the patent numbers (with the most recent listed first) and the name of the patent, along with various hyperlinks. If you are interested in finding out more about any given patent I have worked on, click on the link, and you can then see the complete text of the issued patent on Google also shows additional information, such as links to other relevant patents, similar patents, and related international patent filings.  

patent examples

My patent examples include:


Trademark Examples

The USPTO usually publishes trademark applications about a week after filing. As a result, trademark applications are not confidential. Everyone, including the public and your potential competitors, can see the details. It usually takes the trademark examiner about nine months to start processing the application. Once the examiner is satisfied, the trademark application is then published in the Trademark Official Gazette (TMOG), and the public is given a month to comment or object. Thus trademarks usually take at least a year to issue, and can take longer if additional evidence (such as specimens showing use) is required.

My trademark examples include:

See my blog for a brief discussion of other patent examples and trademark examples. This includes a more general discussion of US and international patent and trademark law.

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