Fields include medical devices, software, hardware, wireless, sensors, IoT, and more

Electronic medical device design requires knowledge of software, hardware, signal processing, mechanical, wireless and biotech

Medical devices As a former electronic medical device startup founder/CTO turned patent attorney, I understand software, electronics, signal processing, design, user interfaces, and biotech unusually well.


Software, electronics, processors, sensors, signal processing

software electronics processors sensors signal processing Modern devices often rely upon electronic sensors, and analyze data from these electronic sensors using processors and various signal processing algorithms. I have helped my clients get many patents here.  


Wireless networks, cable networks, computer vision, IoT

wireless computer cable networks computer vision I'm based in Silicon Valley, home to many wireless, networking, internet of things (IoT), and software startups (databases, computer vision). I understand the technology, and have also helped my clients get many patents here.

Mobile device peripherals, mobile apps, user interface devices
mobile device peripherals, mobile apps, user interface devices Smartphones and other handheld mobile devices are often used as a component of other inventions. I have also obtained a number of patents for my clients on new peripherals, apps, and user interfaces.

I have also successfully obtained patents for my clients in many other fields as well, including time-temperature indicators, robotics, various mechanical devices, dental devices, nutraceuticals, and the like. Check my list of clients and patents for further examples and discussion.

Stephen Zweig, Patent Attorney,
Northern California, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, San Jose, Cupertino, Sunnyvale