Patent law and Intellectual Property law practice

Patent law & Intellectual property law is Federal law and International law

My US Intellectual property filings are often used to subsequently obtain foreign intellectual property rights. This is possible because patents, trademarks, and copyrights are covered by various international treaties. These treaties include the Patent Cooperation Treaty for patents, the Madrid Protocol for trademarks, and the Berne Convention for copyrights. My law practice can work with you across the US and internationally as needed, and includes:

  • Copyrights (US)
  • Freedom of action searches
  • Infringement searches
  • IP Contracts & Licensing
  • IP Strategy
  • Litigation support
  • Patent applications (US, PCT)
  • Patent prosecution (US, Intl.)
  • Patent opinions
  • Startup consulting
  • Trademarks (US, Intl.)
  • Trade Secrets

Some of my Silicon Valley and International clients

Although I am based in Silicon Valley, my clients come from everywhere

My clients include inventors and startup companies around the world. Examples of some of my clients, their companies, locations, and some of the patents that I have helped obtain are shown below. I have worked with some of these companies from the initial "gleam in the founder's eye" stage.

GainspeedCable networks (Sunnyvale): broadband devices, broadband methods

Headwind Design patents (China): fluid caps, fluid enclosures

electric imp Insight EDA Electronics (Los Altos, San Jose): Internet of Things (IoT), IC chip design

Novafora Automated vision (San Jose): machine vision devices, video analysis, systems

Jacktight guitar repair tool Mechanical devices (Cupertino): crafts, motorcycle parts, tools

Safeguide Medical devices and technology (Santa Clara, San Diego): medical device, dentistry, nutraceuticals, orthotics

HandScape Telepatheye Mobile devices (Fremont, Silicon Valley): local communications, touch interfaces, eye interfaces

Klip Inc. Software (Palo Alto): database methods, security, games

cohere technologies Securifi Wireless technology (Santa Clara, Taiwan): fundamental methods, WiFi


Stephen Zweig, Patent Attorney,
California, Silicon Valley, Cupertino, Fremont, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Santa Clara